“My work is an enchanted positive statement. It is an attempt to open up to the observer the more mystical dimensions of ordinary objects. I wish to provide an uplifting experience through my paintings…..my pieces are best described by experiencing them…..”

Born in the San Francisco Bay Area, Willow B. Norris was interested in drawing just anything and everything from a young age. Primarily self taught, she also attended classes at The Art Institute of Boston, The School of Visual Concepts in Seattle, WA, and the The University of Washington as well as belonging to numerous open figure drawing groups in the Pacific NW. She now resides in Santa Fe, NM.

Her paintings reflect an inner peace on a spiritual path…..taking the observer on a journey of enchantment, capturing the love and enjoyment of life. Generally not focusing on any central theme, Willow’s subject matter swings from whimsical to spiritual. Her work is truly mixed media. Willow typically first renders a detailed drawing on high quality archival watercolour paper. She then applies various water soluble pigments with sable hair watercolour brushes. This slow build-up of many washes (often as many as 10-20 or more layers) achieves the bold richness of colour evident in her pieces. She sometimes incorporates the use of fine pigmented wax to accomplish the desired effect.


Willow’s work has evolved from early childhood crayons to graphite and wax pigment pencils, pen&ink, and intaglio etching to her current work in acrylic, gouache, and oils. By consistently growing and maturing her techniques and creative vision, one can consistently find a deeper meaning and a stronger connection to our world and the universe. Creating order from chaos, Willow continues to work in her uniquely individualized style that is timeless.

As Ms. Norris changed geographical locations over her life, from the west coast to the east coast and back to the west coast, her work progressed with each location. From her Pacific NW body of work (which was mostly black/white and grey scale with spots of colour) to her Maui body of work, which shows her colour palette begin to emerge, and most recently, to the American SouthWest, where that palette matures and strengthens. Ever discovering new techniques that she can incorporate into her personal artistic history, Willow Norris continues doing what she loves best, and is the most fun for her.


The prints available for purchase of Willow’s pieces are all Giclees produced on archival canvas, aluminum and papers using pigment inks. The display permanence ratings for these prints are up to 203 years.