Originals and Giclee prints are available from these fine galleries. Giclees are printed on archival canvas, aluminum and watercolour papers using pigment inks. The display permanence ratings for these prints are up to 203 years.

All prints are limited editions. The premium price of limited editions is a function of the limited supply of each product, and the exceptionally high quality of these prints. Edition size is typically 250 (a few are 375), including every size and substrate. Every print is hand-signed and numbered. Once an edition is sold out, the prints are on the second market. Then they can be bought and sold by any dealer or individual, often above issue price, depending on supply and demand.

The Giclee printing technology utilizes microscopically fine droplets of ink to form the image. A print can consist of nearly 20 billion ink droplets. The microscopic droplets of ink vary in sizes (approximately the size of a red blood cell) and density. This unique patented feature produces a near continuous tone image, smoother gradation between tones, and a more finely differentiated color palette.
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